Workflow Improvements:

Medical Practice Advisors provides

personalized consultation and high-level
support for optimizing workflow. We assess
and analyze your firm's business operations,
offering improvement strategies to increase

Process Improvements:
Redesigning workflow efficiency and processes, can improve cash flow, insure sound internal controls, and promote staff who are organized and productive.

The Practice Assessment, performed by our team of trained health care and medical practice management consultants, provides a complete and comprehensive analysis of your practice.

We will:

  • Identify ideas to improve internal communication
  • Examine internal procedures
  • Identify opportunities for workflow efficiency
  • Introduce opportunities for staff to influence practice improvements
  • Complete a performance analysis on your practice.
  • Review your billing and collections system.

Benchmarking your way to a better practice
“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”  Benchmarking is a way to compare yourself to your peers. Benchmarks can be applied to many factors of practice management to track financial performance, staffing, costs, and a myriad of other data points in your medical practice. As statistics of your individual practice are compared with the those of similar practices, areas for improvement can be identified and investigated for improvement.

By implementing practice management benchmarking you will have confidence in your practice's performance. which in turn allows the providers in your group to concentrate their efforts on patient care. Done right, such benchmarking can highlight problems (or catch them before they have a chance to grow.)

Productivity and benchmarking analysis:

  • Understand the issues and workflows that affect patient access in your practice setting.
  • Identify strategies that can be implemented in your practice setting to improve productivity.
  • Learn how to use data to drive improved care and decreased costs in your practice.
  • Identify resources and strategies to engage in decision making about various healthcare interventions.

Operational Practice Assessment:
Medical Practice Advisors team of professional consultants have extensive knowledge and professional experience working with all physician practice specialties, non-physician practitioners, laboratories, imaging centers, and other ancillary service providers. Our expertise, innovation, and passion for medical practice advocacy make us uniquely qualified to best serve your individual practice’s needs.

Our goal is to help improve efficiencies and avoid pitfalls. We want you to succeed and we have proven processes that will either enhance your current business operations or validate you are right on track.
Our clients receive insightful review and benchmarking of medical practice operations and access to "best practice" service solutions. We focus on enhancing profitability by managing expenses, increasing revenue and improving operational efficiency.

Our specialized assessment team will perform an operational assessment including practice improvement recommendations to determine the parts of your operation that are working effectively and where changes can be applied leading to increased efficiency. Each segment of your business is scrutinized with practice effectiveness and cost efficiency in mind.

The areas addressed in a medical practice assessment include:

  • Workflow analysis

  • Staffing analysis

  • Benchmarking key practice indicators

  • Revenue cycle assessment

  • Coding and documentation review

  • Risk analysis

Our practice management consultants will examine everyaspect of your practice and provide a written report of the findings with recommendations


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